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Treatment Process

Short Hills Cranial Center treatment plan follows a proven and effective process carried out by our supportive and highly trained staff who have extensive experience treating infants with Starband™ cranial remolding orthoses.

Short Hills Cranial Center is committed to being with you and your child from the early diagnostic steps through completion and ultimately graduation, cultivating and facilitating the process each step of the way. Short Hills Cranial always encourages the families we work with to engage us with any questions or concerns that may arise during treatment.

Treating Plagiocephaly usually consists of an intuitive five-step process and therapy plan. For additional information on the five basic stages of the treatment process, please flip through the steps below.

5 Step Treatment Process

1. Evaluation & Diagnosis

Short Hills Cranial Center will begin your child’s treatment process with an evaluation/diagnosis. The purpose of the first step is to gather comprehensive information about your child’s head shape which is reviewed and analyzed by our expert team to create a personalized treatment plan.

Following this consultation, our team will determine whether treatment is necessary and what that trajectory looks like. Remember, Cranial remolding therapy is not always needed and Short Hills Cranial Center is happy to discuss other options available to you. If treatment is indeed recommended, the age of your child, as well as the resulting data from the measurements will help determine the projected timeline for the corrective therapy to be completed.

The consultation and diagnosis are now complete, informing the personalized treatment plan recommended for correcting your child’s head shape.

2. STARscanner® Laser Data Acquisition System

If corrective therapy has been recommended for your child, the next step will consist of using the STARscanner to create an accurate and detailed 3D model of your child’s head. The STARscanner is safe, quick and highly effective in rendering this detailed snapshot that will be an invaluable reference for measuring the results and progress of treatment. The STARscanner was the first laser photographic scanning system to receive clearance from the FDA and remains the most widely used scanning system in the marketplace utilizing Class 1, eye-safe lasers for the purpose of capturing 3D images of a child’s head.

3. STARband® Fitting

The STARband fitting will follow the STARscan capture. During the first appointment, the STARband will be sized to your child’s head and customized for a perfect, comfortable fit. STARband wear and care instructions and tips will be provided and explained during the visit. The STARband is the most widely used cranial remolding orthosis in the world.

4. STARband® Adjustments

Additional appointments will occur at specific intervals during the treatment process, depending on your child’s condition and age. During these appointments, precise adjustments will direct the proper and redistributed growth of your child’s head.

5. Graduation!

The final appointment will entail your child being assessed and documented to measure the ultimate effectiveness of the treatment process. The gathered data is a tangible and invaluable representation of just how far your child has come on this treatment journey. This information can be necessary for certain insurance procedures and is assuredly helpful for your doctor. Congratulations, your child has completed the process and is now one of our Short Hills Cranial Alumni!

Early Intervention

Early orthotic intervention starting between three and eight months of age yields the best results. This strategic time period captures rapid cranial growth, and the orthosis directs the growth towards greater skull symmetry and proportion. Cranial remolding orthoses are custom molded to encourage the skull to become more symmetrical and/or proportional.

Free Consultation

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