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Since receiving 510k clearance from the FDA in 2000, more than 50,000 infants have been treated with the STARband. The STARband is the most widely used cranial remolding orthosis in the world.

How Does it Work?

The STARband cranial remolding orthosis redirects head growth to improve proportion and symmetry and derive their name from its purpose — Symmetry Through Active Remolding.

The STARband is designed to provide total contact over the prominent or bossed areas of the baby’s head to discourage additional growth there. The inside of the band is modified to provide extra space in the areas of the head that are flat or depressed.

The baby’s rapid head growth, especially during the first year of life and the shape of the band direct growth into the areas of least resistance and create a precise pathway for growth to occur. As your baby’s head shape improves, the practitioner will make adjustments to further accommodate these improvements.

STARband Colors & Transfers

A wide variety of STARband pattern and color options are available for parents to choose from. Please note there is no additional charge for this customization, and availability of transfer pattern designs may be subject to change.

Wear & Care Instructions

For more information on how to take care of your child’s Starband please refer to the PDF below.

This Wear & Care document includes a schedule for therapy (which you can speak with Short Hills Cranial Staff about) as well as tips on cleaning, skin care and advice.


1. Your baby will eventually wear his/her STARband® Cranial Remolding Orthosis 23 hours a day, but needs several days to adjust to wearing the STARband. Follow the schedule below to gradually increase the wearing time. Do not accelerate this program, even if your baby is not having any problems. The wearing schedule below was developed to prevent skin problems and to help your baby adjust to the STARband.

DAY                       ON                       OFF                      NAP                    NIGHT
1                           1 hr                       1 hr                        no                         no
2                           2 hrs                     2 hrs                       no                         no
3                           4 hrs                     4 hrs                      yes                        yes
4                           8 hrs                     1 hr                        yes                        yes
5                           23 hrs                   1 hr                        yes                        yes

2. This wearing schedule provides a safe way to acclimate to the STARband.  The fifth day is considered full-time wear, and at this point, the STARband should only be removed for one hour per day.  The STARband should be removed during the baby’s bath.

3. Remove the STARband if your baby has a fever or the flu.  Return to full-time wear as soon as possible.  If the baby has not been able to wear the STARband for 48 hours, ramp up the wearing schedule slowly over a few days to help the baby adapt to wearing the STARband again.

4. If your baby has been diagnosed with torticollis, the torticollis must be treated in order to achieve head shape correction.  If your therapist or physician has given you neck exercises to perform, remove the STARband for the exercises and replace the band as soon as the exercises are finished.

5. At bath time each day, remove and clean the STARband.  Only use unscented rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the STARband, because other products may be harmful to the baby’s skin.  Vigorously rub the inside of the STARband with a clean washcloth containing the rubbing alcohol, or apply rubbing alcohol using a new soft toothbrush.  Set the band upside down to dry.  A fan, in addition to the rubbing alcohol, may be used to help alleviate odor that sometimes develops inside the band.  Drying in the sun can also help to alleviate the odor and speed up the drying process.

6. Shampoo the baby’s head daily, and reapply the STARband when both the head and the band are dry. Babies with very sensitive scalps may benefit from a mild hypoallergenic or herbal shampoo like Aveeno or Jason’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo.  The STARband should not get wet and should be removed for swimming. After swimming, wash your child’s head with shampoo to remove chlorine, sunscreen, etc.  Reapply the orthosis when both your baby’s hair and the STARband are dry.

7. For the first several days, your baby may perspire excessively until his/her body becomes accustomed to the STARband.  This is normal, and during this time, the STARband can be removed for a couple of minutes throughout the day to dry the baby’s head and band with a towel or cool hair dryer.  The STARband should be reapplied as soon as the baby’s hair and the band are dry.  Do not use powders, lotions, or wipes on the baby’s head or inside the STARband.  These products may contain perfumes and ingredients that can lead to skin irritation.  Dress your baby in cooler clothing if the baby perspires excessively. Read More >