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Outcome Overview

The average treatment program lasts between three and four months, with younger infants typically completing treatment sooner than older infants.

Factors such as severity of head shape, consistency of wear, and individual growth patterns of the infant affect the required length of time for treatment. Following an initial consultation and diagnosis, Short Hills Cranial Center will be able to more accurately estimate the necessary length of time for completing the treatment program.

Typically, treatment is discontinued when any remaining asymmetry is mild enough that it would not necessitate additional therapy with a cranial remolding orthosis and you are happy with your infant’s overall head shape. The orthotist will be taking specific measurements throughout the treatment process that will track the changes of the head shape.

Follow up visits

Short Hills Cranial Center will use the STARscanner to scan your child during follow-up visits. The follow-up scans will be compared to the initial scan, and the STARscanner software will measure the changes, as well as, symmetry. Once we agree on the amount of improvement seen, you will return to your referring physician before treatment is discontinued.

What Parents Are Saying

The average treatment program lasts between three and four months, with younger infants typically completing treatment sooner than older infants.

When my daughter was first diagnosed with plagiocephaly, I had a difficult time accepting the fact that she’d have to wear a helmet. I called SHCC and Lisa was phenomenal! She answered all of my questions and concerns and consoled me for about 45 min. After I got off the phone with her, I felt so much better about the process. It wasn’t about getting my business with her. She really cared and understood what we were having to go through. I knew then that I only wanted to go SHCC.

The staff was always very accessible and they are on top of their game-especially when it came to filing for insurance claims and sending Emme’s scans to our physical therapist (for her torticollis) and pediatrician. You can tell Mitchell and Lisa love what they do. We always felt welcomed and never rushed. They took their time to make sure Emme’s helmet fit properly and made adjustments whenever she had a growth spurt.

LoraineEmme’s MomThe Happy Helmet

Short Hills Cranial staff are very friendly and personable. I liked that they listen to the parents concern. Im very happy i went here for my son’s second helmet and i would recommend them to all parents.

Christian’s MomParent

The process for acquiring a helmet for our son was a long and emotional journey. It was with the assistance from the staff at SHCC that made the process easier for us. From our first consultation to the fittings and re-fittings, and then follow up and maintenance, they were always available to us. The after hours appointments were extremely helpful for us as 2 working parents, as well as direct access to our specialists when necessary via phone or email.

The staff has always maintained the greatest level or professionalism, answering all of our questions and addressing may concerns with our son’s progress. The additional service of keeping in constant contact with our pediatrician and PT by sending reports and updates ensures that we are all on the same page when it comes to our son’s development. For other parents needing reassurance that their child will receive quality care, SHCC is a decision you can feel confident with!”

Colin’s FamilyParents

I’m very happy with the treatment. Happy with the results. Would recommend.


Me ciento my bien contodos todas las citan k nos Brendan y he no not ado muchos cambios en mi Bebe Steve mucho major y el personal es excelente


Beautiful, warm and welcoming facility. Staff is knowledgeable and caring, with a patient-first focus. Will be recommending to my friends and acquaintances.


Congratulations! We love the new facility!


Todo esta bien con cranial center la Les recomiendo a todas las persona gracias.