Outcome Overview

The average treatment program lasts between three and four months, with younger infants typically completing treatment sooner than older infants.

SHCC - STAR Results Monitor

Factors such as severity of head shape, consistency of wear, and individual growth patterns of the infant affect the required length of time for treatment. Following an initial consultation and diagnosis, Short Hills Cranial Center will be able to more accurately estimate the necessary length of time for completing the treatment program.

Typically, treatment is discontinued when any remaining asymmetry is mild enough that it would not necessitate additional therapy with a cranial remolding orthosis and you are happy with your infant’s overall head shape. The orthotist will be taking specific measurements throughout the treatment process that will track the changes of the head shape.

Follow-up Visits

Short Hills Cranial Center will use the STARscanner to scan your child during follow-up visits. The follow-up scans will be compared to the initial scan, and the STARscanner software will measure the changes, as well as, symmetry. Once we agree on the amount of improvement seen, you will return to your referring physician before treatment is discontinued.